Saturday Nights!

Whats going on?

Two of our adventurers, Eziekiel and Elendria, were travelling on a ship, albiet seperately. A storm wracked the ship as a giant monster attacked. Although the crew fought valiantly the creature took the ship under. Our adventurers managed to escape adrift the wrekage and drifted to a beach. They met upon said beach and while getting aquainted a rift opened in the air beside them and an enigmatic gnome stepped out. He introduced himself as Biquin and said he was from the Feywild. The trio spoke on the beach for a time before splitting up Eziekiel heading one way along the beach and Elendria and Biquin heading the other. The group was quickly reunited as a troop of soldiers came along the beach and collected them. The troop escorted the group to their fort-town of Tathalon and left them in the tavern to await an audience with their commander. At the tavern they encountered a drunkin halfling named Pogsby. All four of them were taken to see the commander. Commander Brightstrum met with the group and explained the situation on the island. Elendria was searching for her twin sister and the commander told her of her last known whereabouts. The group also heard some tales regarding a strange temple a few days away from the fort. The group decided to check out the temple on their way to fing Elendria’s sister.



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