300 years ago a group built an outpost on the eastern coast. This outpost was ment to gather resources from the jungles to aid in the groups wars. The outpost was quickly destroyed by the many tribes of reptilian humanoids here.

Years later, the Theocracy of Ganz travelled here in an attempt to make peace with the lizardfolk whom had been attacking their lands. They found the island ripe with resources as well and decided to build a settlement on the remains of the outpost of old.

In typical Ganzian style, the settlement was in fact a large stone fortress. A small group of the Knights of Ganz held off the lizardfolk during its construction and for a number of years after. Eventually the savage tribes of the jungle banded together to drive the Ganzians from their land. The knights abandoned the fort and returned home.

In the years that followed many other groups attemted to settle in the strong fort that the knights had built. Many held the fort for a time, but ultimately were pushed out by the superior numbers of the reptilian humanoids.

About 40 years ago the lizardfolk led a devastating raid on the town of Orath in Ganz. The Knights of Ganz organized a large army of soldiers to make a counterstrike upon the reptilian scum. The Kingdom of Caldia lent their aid to the operation and the group quickly retook the fortress and eradicated a number of tribes around it in a show of power. Feeling their point had been made, the Ganzian army withdrew, having lost interest in holding the fortress long ago.

The Caldian forces remained at the fort. Being a people with a love of the primal forces of nature, they wished to explore these untamed jungles and attempt to make peace with its inhabitants. They built a town around the fortress and managed to convince some of the elves of Simaira to join them in their efforts. They named the outpost Tanthalon in honor of an ancient hero of the Simarian elves.

Over the last 30 years Tanthalon has managed to protect its borders from the savage reptiles of the jungle. Most of the tribes have come to think of them as just another tribe on the continent, not that that changes much. The tribes raid each other constantly so acceptance means little. The citizens of Tanthalon continue their studies of the island undaunted, and still hope to make peace between the warring tribes.


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