Knights of Ganz

The Knights of Ganz are an order of highly trained knights who have command over the army of ganz. The order is filled with warriors who walk the path of The One God. The Knighthood is divided into three suborders of increasing rank: the Orders of the Cudgel, Ruby, and Starburst.

Order of the Cudgel

Named for The One Gods favored weapon, Knights of the Cudgel are the most inexperienced and generally young knights. It is at this time they are taught to be loyal and honorable, and also they are taught to serve The One God and to further his cause. They are also taught obedience to their superiors. Most knights in this order are warriors devoted to The One God, but unable to channel his divinity. Although all knights must start in this order, those who can channel divine magic are quickly elevated to the Order of the Ruby. The head of the Cudgel is known as “High Warrior”.

Order of the Ruby

Named for the jewels that adorn The One Gods symbol, Knights of the Ruby have proven themselves skilled fighters, and have demostrated the ability to channel The One Gods power. Some Cudgel Knights choose to move up to the Ruby but others choose to stay with the Cudgel. They are valuable in a battle as they are both great fighters and can usually heal in a pinch. Ruby Knights constantly fight evil, and through this struggle they further themselves in goodness. The head of the Ruby is known as “Crimson Warrior”

Order of the Starburst

Named after The One Gods symbol, the Order of the Starburst is the highest rank in the Knighthood. Knights of the Starburst, also known as Platinum Knights, have proved themselves in peace and battle, and are taught the importance of faith and other virtues. Due to the great requisites for becoming a Knight of the Starburst, they are the smallest branch of the Knighthood and are rarely seen in battle except in command roles. For a Knight of the Ruby to become a Knight of the Starburst, besides finishing the quests the Crimson Warrior requests, he must obtain the positive vote of all existing members of the Order. As part of their ascension, the knight has a symbol of The One God fused into the palm of their off hand. This symbol is made of the purest platinum and encrusted with valuable rubies. This is why members of the Order are often called Platinum Knights. The head of the Starburst is known as “The Father”.

Knights of Ganz

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